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LOCKED ROOM 2 Hint: First Half

After looking at the origami book, check the white paper item and fold it into a paper airplane. Throw it towards the attic. Get the key. (The key has fallen to the floor. Let’s pick it up.)

Insert the pencil into the small hole of the side table. A panel will fall below.

Use a pencil on the sketchbook. What time would it indicate if it were an analog clock? Another hint in the sketchbook: ‘▲●■’. The same marks are on the clock placed on the side table.

The sequence of large and small squares written on the frame, and the color of the bird figurine on the adjacent shelf.

  • In the hole (side table)
  • Inside the drawer
  • Behind the small potted plant next to the book
  • Under the sofa, use a match to find it.

The necessary panels are A, J, Q, and K.

The diamond is 1 = [A] (From the picture on the shelf.)
Combining it with the note in the drawer…
Arrange them according to the order shown in the playing card picture on the frame.

LOCKED ROOM 2 Hint: Second Half

Use a match on the candle and get the key. Once the switch is turned on, you can move.

Using the note as a hint, remove the letters of ‘eight’ from the arranged words. With the remaining ‘r’ and ‘l’, turn the screwdriver in the order indicated by the ‘W’ hint on the desk. (R = Right, L= Left)

  • The lid of the wooden box.
  • The birdhouse-shaped wooden decoration.
  • The toy in the attic.

Did you get the mirror?
If not, look for where to use the screwdriver.
Use the mirror in the gap of the door to get an item.

Use the magnet on the pillar to get the hammer. When you break the barrel, inside there’s water…

Scoop water with the cup, and when you water the potted plant on the first floor, you get an item. and Use it on the toy.

Complete answer to passwords


Blue Red Yellow Green


Right Left Left Left Right Left